What Is Ladder Assist? Here’s What You Need to Know

Insurance adjusters can’t always get the full picture when investigating property/roof damage by looking at things from the ground level. A steep-pitched roof, multi-story structure, and unruly materials can make inspections very difficult and dangerous. That’s where ladder assist services come in. 

Ladder Assist companies such as Knight’s Solutions provide trained professionals who can access difficult roofing systems, identify and document potential damages, and support claims adjusters, leading to a safe and accurate inspection. Let’s explore how the ladder assist industry works and when working with a ladder assist company makes sense.

What is ladder assist?

Ladder assist is a service to support insurance claims adjusters or other insurance claims professionals by climbing roofs that others wouldn’t dream of. A ladder assist technician inspects the property/roofing system, providing observations and clear documentation to an adjuster or claims professional, so they have the best look possible at potentially peril-related damage. The inspection process coupled with a comprehensive report helps adjusters understand what occurred, where damage is located, and the overall condition of the property/materials so they can confidently make a coverage determination and prepare an accurate estimate to their policyholders.

The role of ladder assist in insurance claims

When assisting insurance professionals during the claims process, ladder assist technicians bridge the gap between the visual inspection/identification of damage and thorough documentation to support the adjuster’s coverage determination. 

However, it’s important to note that ladder assist technicians aren’t the decision-makers. Although our technicians are HAAG-certified inspectors, they are not licensed adjusters and make no coverage determinations. The technician’s role is to inspect and document the cause, severity, and quantity of damage on any given property, and report their findings to the acting adjuster for the claim.

Referencing the information from a technician’s report, along with other relevant information from multiple sources (information that ladder assist technicians may not be granted access to), adjusters can connect the dots to paint the picture of the policyholder’s coverage. 

Situations requiring ladder assist services

Insurance adjusters and carriers tap into ladder assist services for a few reasons, particularly when investigating steep or two-story roofs. 

Roof with steep pitch

Insurers often have strict safety rules that prevent their adjusters from physically accessing roofing systems to inspect the damage. For example, if a roof’s pitch exceeds 7/12, the steep slope presents unique challenges. Climbing up without the proper equipment or training can compromise the accuracy of the assessment, but it also puts the adjuster’s safety on the line.

Ladder assist technicians have specialized training and equipment to handle tricky climbs and deliver the information adjusters need, including:

  • HAAG Certification, Residential and Commercial
  • Rope and Harnes
  • RidgePro Roof Anchor System
  • Goat Steep Assist
  • Cougar Paws
  • Pitch Hoppers
  • Heavy Equipment Certifications 

Multi-level buildings and complex roof structures

Some roofs are just different — you might come across unique materials or unconventional designs requiring specialized inspection knowledge. Ladder assist companies have the skills and equipment to tackle unique structures. 

Besides an extra tall ladder to reach higher points, they use harnesses, Cougar Paws, and other safety equipment, as well as HAAG training to inspect the roof safely and efficiently.

How ladder assist works

Now that you know what ladder assist is and why it’s useful, let’s talk about how it works. Here’s what goes on behind the scenes when working with a ladder assist company:

  • Scheduling: An adjuster or other insurance claim professional requests an inspection through our new online scheduling portal which provides transparency & consistent communication throughout the claims handling process.
  • Inspection: A ladder assist technician either meets the adjuster on-site to perform an inspection or is granted permission to perform an inspection without the presence of the adjuster.
  • Exterior Elevations: Technicians, or technician/adjuster scope the exterior elevations for visible damage from the ground level, including downspouts, window screens, fascia, siding and gutters.
  • Roofing System: The ladder assist technician inspects the roof, paying special attention to appurtenances such as pipe jacks, skylights, box/power vents, solar panels, hvac stacks/rain caps, chimneys and the roof’s structural components. 
  • Documentation: Findings are documented through photo documentation as well as text on a scope sheet and may include diagrams, sketches, or images to support the assessment.
  • Coverage evaluation: The adjuster reviews the report to make a coverage assessment and explains the results and coverage to the policyholder.

Why work with a ladder assist company?

Ladder assisting isn’t just about climbing ladders. It’s about making sure everyone gets a fair assessment, adjusters & policyholders alike. Here’s what they bring to the table:

  • Access to more locations, including steep roofs and unique designs
  • More accurate assessments due to expertise and training
  • Specialized equipment to enhance safety and reduce risk
  • Compliance with the latest regulations
  • Effective inspection process that saves time and lowers the cost
  • Improved customer satisfaction through faster claims processing

At Knight’s Solutions, you get the added advantage of our Inspection Scheduling Portal. It streamlines your workflow by including real-time updates on the process, scheduling coordination, and access to information about a claim at any time.

Take the next step in property assessment

Property damage assessments are an essential piece in determining coverage and claim settlements. Ladder assist services are a valuable asset for insurance adjusters and carriers. It offers a safe and efficient approach to inspecting roofs in challenging or hazardous situations. 

To experience the benefits of ladder assist services firsthand, schedule a ladder assist with Knight’s Solutions today.

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