Taking Property Inspections Further, Faster: How We Cut Roof Inspection Time by Over 30% with Hover Taking Property Inspections Further, Faster

Since our inception in 2015, Knight’s Solutions has been at the forefront of revolutionizing property inspections by encouraging insurance adjusters to leave the ladder behind. By integrating our service model with the vision of insurance carriers, we provide unparalleled support to adjusters, allowing them to conduct thorough inspections while staying safely on the ground.

A New Era in Property Inspections


We began as a hybrid ladder assistance company, offering a blend of claims inspection and ladder assist services. Our team stands out among competition by adopting a user-centric approach that enhances the efficiency and speed of property inspections. From scaling three-story ladders to resetting tarps and detailing roof damage, Knight’s Solutions continues to innovate and lead in property inspection.

Focusing on Strengths

We founded Knight’s Solutions with a clear focus on excelling in property inspections within the property claims lifecycle. Unlike other companies that combine property inspections and adjusting, we remain dedicated to providing top-tier inspection services. Our goal is to support adjusters by delivering detailed analysis and critical information, enabling them to make informed policy coverage determinations so they can serve as representatives for both insureds and carriers.

Detailed and Accurate Inspections

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During an inspection, our objective is to capture and communicate precise information about damage, material makeup, and roof conditions. We provide adjusters with comprehensive reports, including a scope sheet, roof diagrams, and photo reports with at least 75 images. Adjusters can choose between two service options: a Ladder Assist, where one of our technicians meets the adjuster on-site, or a Direct Inspection, where a technician conducts the inspection solo and shares the findings afterward.

Adapting to Natural Disasters

The rise in destructive weather events has increased the demand for our services. To keep pace while maintaining high-quality customer service, we have adopted Hover technology. This tool allows our technicians to capture and sketch complex roofing systems in minutes rather than hours. Using smartphones, our team can take pictures to create a 360-degree view of the structure, significantly speeding up the process.

“Hover simplifies complex roofing systems with just a few smartphone snaps, allowing our technicians to double their daily inspections from three to six or more.”

— Ryan Knight, President, Knight’s Solutions

Bridging Technology and Expertise

The integration of Hover technology has revolutionized our inspection process, cutting roof inspection times by over 30%. This efficiency benefits our technicians and enhances the workflow for claims adjusters by reducing errors, minimizing site revisits, and simplifying the estimating process with ESX and XML exports for adjusters’ software.

“Hover technology combined with our expertise has significantly enhanced our property inspection process, delivering greater efficiencies for both our technicians and insurance adjusters.”

— James Thompson, Sales & Marketing Director, Knight’s Solutions


Our skilled ladder assist technicians leverage advanced technology to bridge the gap between visual inspections and coverage determination. This fusion enables insurers to gather comprehensive property data, assess risks accurately, and make faster, more informed coverage decisions, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

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