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Knight’s Solutions: Claims Inspection and Ladder Assist

Knight’s Solutions, LLC. originated as a hybrid company — a team of professionals specializing in adjusting, contracting, and assisting insurance carriers. This powerhouse of specialists made it their mission to provide quality inspections to insurance carriers. Along with a passion for innovation and a simplistic, user-friendly approach for their clients, they sought to stand out among the other companies seeking to take your money. Now, Knight’s Solutions provide services throughout Southeast portions of the U.S. while supplying high-quality, entirely reliable data with quality customer service.

Our Technology

We are ROCKING the industry with cutting-edge technological practices. Digital documentation is available in real time via each of our Knight’s Solutions technicians, as they inspect. Our desk adjusters provide insight and direction through live video feed, thus allowing collaboration on the move. Hence, your time is best utilized with our team of professionals providing our highest quality of work.

Our Outlook

Knight’s Solutions was established in 2015 and is still growing today. As we expand, we are striving to improve our technology, specialty services, and customer experiences. When you pair this up with our amazing experts and technical capabilities, the results are a process that accelerates the claim cycle and happy, satisfied customer experiences.

Our Specialty Services

  • Ladder Assist
  • Underwriting — Pre-Coverage
  • ITEL Services
  • Post Construction

Our logic is simple… Communicate, Climb, Calculate. We climb ladders for you so that you don’t have to; however, the ladder of success is one that we want to climb together! If you need a Knight, contact us anytime day or night.

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