Better Communication for Adjusters: Streamline Your Workflow with our Inspection Scheduling Portal

Your role as a claim adjuster is crucial in the insurance industry. You investigate claims, figure out what’s covered, and help find solutions that work for the insured and carrier alike. Communication is a huge part of adjusting and it can be especially challenging when third-party companies such as ladder assist companies get involved.

At Knight’s Solutions, we’re improving the overall experience of utilizing ladder assist inspection services by introducing our Inspection Scheduling Portal. The Portal streamlines the inspection scheduling process to save time and provide better communication to all parties involved so you can focus on what you do best as an adjuster.

Common problems for adjusters

Working with ladder assist companies can present a unique set of challenges for adjusters like yourself. The issues can hinder your productivity and slow down the entire claims process. Here are some common problems you may encounter:

  • Complex scheduling of inspections: Coordinating inspections with ladder assist technicians can be difficult and time-consuming. Adjusters often have to navigate multiple schedules and availability, making it challenging to find suitable inspection times. 
  • Frequent policyholder questions: Policyholders are understandably eager to receive updates on their claims. However, as an adjuster, managing and responding to questions takes time and can disrupt your workflow. Dealing with these requests manually can divert your attention from other critical tasks.
  • Long report turnaround time: Timely access to inspection reports is essential for adjusters to evaluate and process claims efficiently. Unfortunately, traditional report delivery methods between ladder assist technicians and adjusters can be slow and cumbersome.

These obstacles can create frustration for property claims adjusters and hinder the overall efficiency of handling the claim.

How the Inspection Scheduling Portal streamlines your workflow

The team at Knight’s Solutions understands the obstacles faced by adjusters. It’s why we developed the Inspection Scheduling Portal — an innovative solution designed to save you time, simplify the inspection process, and improve communication between ladder assist services, insureds, and adjusters. 

Let’s explore a few benefits the Inspection Scheduling Portal brings to the table.

Real-time updates and communication

You can say goodbye to missed emails and phone calls. The portal sends real-time SMS notifications of inspection status updates so you won’t miss a thing. The process is more transparent, you’ll have fewer phone calls and emails back and forth, and your customers will be happier.

Seamless scheduling coordination

Scheduling inspections can often be a logistical nightmare, but the Inspection Scheduling Portal simplifies this process. With an always-clear inspection availability calendar, you can easily coordinate and manage your schedule. Enhanced efficiency reduces conflicts, improves time management, and makes the process easier for you and your customers.

 Documentation Transparency

A key feature of the Inspection Scheduling Portal is that it also doubles as our data management center. Adjusters may log into their dashboard at any time to check the status of any inspection request. Adjusters can also access the documentation for any inspection request they have made with Knight’s Solutions. The portal allows adjusters to update notes on the fly and share pertinent information about a claim at any time, including the ability to upload documents of their own. The benefits are substantial, transforming the way adjusters handle their claims from start to finish.

Knight’s Solutions is committed to streamlining adjuster workflow

Effective communication is crucial in the property claims industry, and Knight’s Solutions is dedicated to making your job as a claims adjuster easier. The Inspection Scheduling Portal is a testament to this commitment, offering you a powerful tool to enhance your workflow and overcome the challenges often experienced with ladder assist jobs. 

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